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Updates & Progress Report

Default Badge

The barcode badge is the default badge that will come with all Ikki68 kits with a badge. It will be gold, made of PVD coated brass with a matte finish.

Contact us via a ticket if you’ve already ordered a badge-less kit and would like to change to a kit with a badge.

Extra Badges

  • We will offer more badges once the group buy ends, and before the keyboards start shipping in late August. We will have time to do this while we’re waiting for the kits to manufacture. We’ll take payments for extra badges with shipping payments, and everything will ship together.
  • We will offer a blank badge for $9 USD. You can engrave / etch on your own or locally, or just use it blank.
  • We will provide some designs for you to choose from (eg. some of SirTimmyTimbit’s designs) for $21 USD each. More details after the group buy.
  • You can provide your own artwork for a completely custom badge. The price will depend on difficulty of machining the design.
  • All custom badges, including the blank badge, will be made of anodized aluminum.
  • There’s a possibility that we might offer additional colors in custom and blank badges. More details to follow.

FAQ on Badges

Q: If I order a badge-less kit, can I buy one of the extra badges after the group buy to put on my badge-less kit?

A: No. You can only put badges on a kit that already comes with the default badge. Badgeless kits will not have the badge mounting mechanism.

Q: If I order a kit with a badge, can I use the keyboard without a badge?

A: Sure you can, but there will be a recess (cutout) where the badge is supposed to be. Badgeless kits come without any recess or holes that’s required to mount a badge.

Q: Is there going to be a prototype of the default barcode badge?

A: Unfortunately due to our manufacturer’s schedule it will not be possible to get a prototype made before the end of the group buy. We are considering a 3D printed version to show you, as well as a few renders of the new barcode badge on an Ikki68.

Q: Is matte the only finish option for the default barcode badge? Can I still get the shiny finish that’s on the old prototype badge?

A: Unfortunately to keep the complexity down, matte will be the only finish that the default barcode badge will come in.

Q: What color options will be available for the default barcode badge?

A: Only gold. Made of PVD coated brass in matte finish.

Q: What other designs will be available?

A: So far some of SirTimmyTimbit’s designs will be available. We are considering other options including community designs, more on that later.

Q: Are you going to sell a blank badge?

A: Yes. Blank badges will be sold as extras after the group buy. They’ll be $9 USD each. They, along with all extra badges will be made of anodized aluminum.

Q: I liked the badge that just said “Phoenix”. Can you still offer it?

A: If enough people want it then it will be one of the extra badges offered after the group buy.