Quickstart & Firmware Downloads

Last updated: October 2, 6PM EST

Quickstart guide, QMK Firmware, Bluetooth Software download links

Please refer to the Google Drive folder for the above. Updates and revisions will be uploaded there too: 


IMPORTANT: Do not screw on the bear shaped weight too tight!

Ikki68 comes pre-assembled so you never have to screw/unscrew the bear shaped weight from the bottom case. 

However if you do choose to do so for any reason, take extra caution when screwing the weight back in. If you screw it in too deep you might leave an impression on the other side of the case. BE VERY DELICATE.

IMPORTANT: Check the contents of the box before you throw it out

Make sure you check all the packaging material before you throw out the box.

Pay special attention to this piece of wrapped paper. It contains the rubber feet and the hex keys required to open the case.

VIA Compatibility

Out of the box compatibility for VIA is underway. In the meantime side load the .json file that comes with the QMK firmware to have VIA recognize the keyboard.

Plate compatibility with filmed switches

All the plates have very tight tolerences to ensure a solid and wobble free switch fit.

You might run into problems fitting the switches if you’re using thicker than usual switch films, like Thicc films. They push the four legs of the top housing outwards more than the tolerence allows for. This issue has been noticed in random slots in the carbon fiber plate only.

TX films have been tested and they work just fine.

Here’s an example of thicc films in tangerines that push out the legs too much.